fiore di portofino

eau de parfum


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Description FIORE DI PORTOFINO is a unique bouquet inspired by Portofino, the Italian enchanting location considered as one of the eight wonders of the world. It is a lively and bright fragrance filled with the bay's transcendent magic: the chromatic spell of its waters, the glistening horizon, the glamorous personalities and VIPs that have contributed to its history and fame, the olfactory story of its nature that blooms with rare beauty.
Composizione TOP NOTES: Lemon from Portofino, Neroli, Orange from Sicily, Italian Basil HEART NOTES: Mimosa blossom, Florentine Iris, Carnation flower, Geranium leaves BASE NOTES: Haitian Vetiver, Amber, selection of precious Musks

fiore di portofino

eau de parfum
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